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Vehicle Business Card Holders
- Making your Vehicle Make Money

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We supply Business Card Holders that attach to almost anything...

...allowing you to advertise your business wherever you go.

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The Vehicle Business Card Holder allows you to advertise your business by displaying and dispensing business cards on the outside of your car or van. The business card holder can also be used outdoors on shop fronts, indoors at your trade show booth, or indeed on any flat surface at any event.
The Vehicle Business Card Holder has a spring-loaded lid that allows customers to easily access your business cards whilst protecting the remaining cards inside from direct water, wind and dust. Wherever your vehicle is parked, customers can take a card… making your vehicle a permanent cost-effective advert for your business. See our Features & Benefits page for more details.

Prices start from just £11.95 per holder... please see our Buy Online page for our latest deals.

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